The Annual BIM Conference: Multi – Disciplined Collaboration for Progress

Exactal is content to be sponsoring The Annual BIM Conference, to be held in London on the 24th of January 2017 at Prince Philip House.

The UK Government has initiated and embarked on mandating Level 2 BIM on all public-sector projects by 2016 with aspirations in reducing infrastructure expenditure. The Cabinet Office has reported BIM as the facilitating catalyst in saving £804m construction costs in 2013-2014. Yet, roofing specialists Marley Eternit noted that effort should be emphasised on aiding companies in actualizing immediate BIM challenges, rather than on a protracted Government vision. It is known that smaller firms not encompassed in centrally funded projects have had minimal exposure working with BIM.

The Annual BIM Conference aims to rectify this shortcoming by endorsing a platform where well-spoken experts will explore methods in achieving the extensive benefits of BIM for a wider audience. Delegates will learn about the arguments surrounding how widespread use of BIM can be encouraged in the construction industry, the effects of government initiatives on BIM uptake, advancements in BIM technology, and the environmental benefits of BIM adoption.

With such ambitious goals in mind, Exactal sees this as a fitting event to not only aid and direct the BIM movement, but to transform approaches in infrastructure development and consolidate the UK’s position as one of the leaders in this sectors. If you are in the UK and want insights to immediate BIM implementation, then you must attend this exciting event!

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