costx 6.5

CostX 6.5

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CostX® Version 6.5 is an exciting new development in the Exactal range of world-class digital measurement and estimating software.

In addition to many new features and improvements across the entire product feature set, 6.5 introduces a major change to the user interface which will dramatically improve productivity and make CostX® even easier to use. The CostX® ROI just got even better!

Watch our CostX® New Features video now to see how you can improve your business today!

Explore CostX® 6.5 in More Depth

We’ve also released a webinar that covers the new features of 6.5 in depth as part of our CostX® Coffee Break series. Watch our CostX® Webinar video on Version 6.5 now!

Other Webinars

The CostX® Coffee Break Classroom are monthly sessions posted by Exactal that focus on certain aspects of the CostX® program.
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Here are just some of the new features

  • Ability to have multiple workbook & drawing tabs
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    Multiple tabs enable a user to open and view multiple drawings and workbooks side by side, in the same building at the same time, on single or multiple screens! Tab navigation is incredibly easy. You can open and close as many tabs as you like, with the parent window clearly tagged at all times so you always know where you are.

  • Extended Dimension
    Group Properties
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    A new “Measured Dimensions” tab in Dimension Group Properties will allow formula expressions to be entered in a selection of fields to calculate additional quantities derived from the measured dimensions. This is similar to the existing “BIM Dimensions” tab but will be available for non-BIM dimensions measured in line or point mode.

  • Ability to measure from drawings in Comparison View
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    Point Mode can be used to measure whilst in the Comparison View when comparing 2D drawings by objects, lines or overlay. Open the Comparison then click the Measure button. Normal measurement functionality is enabled, existing dimensions are loaded, and new dimensions can be taken.

  • And Much More!
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    New colour indicator on Dimension Groups list, Updates to BIM Schedule, Optional columns in the Drawings List, Easy drop down selection to set the drawing scale, Snap to angle option while measuring, Additional filtering options on Dimension Groups, new Multiplier Field, IFC Improvements, and more!