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Estimating with BIM

Free licences for students & universities

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Use CostX® to power your education

To help further the evolution of the construction industry, Exactal offers free educational licences of CostX® to both universities and students interested in the software. Free University licences allow all tertiary education institutions the chance to offer this world-leading estimating software. Free Student licences allow students to install the software on their computer at home to assist with coursework, or if they attend a university that doesn’t teach CostX®, allows them to have the benefit of increasing their knowledge of estimating software. In addition, CostX® Educational licences are a valuable estimating tool for any quantity surveying, building or construction management student to navigate their entry into the workplace with.

CostX® is already taught in courses at universities all around the world in countries such as the USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, India, South Africa, Hong Kong and many others. Some reasons for teaching CostX® in these courses include:

  • The need to familiarise students with electronic takeoff as it becomes standard practice in the construction world.
  • The 3D/BIM capabilities, which assist universities in showing quantity surveying/estimating students how they can take advantage of this emerging technology and further themselves in their industry.
  • The prominence of CostX® in multiple large companies worldwide, including quantity surveying companies, construction companies, subcontracting companies or civil companies.
CostX is not only innovative estimating software but is also an excellent teaching aid in delivering QS courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The students not only enjoy using the technology but it also enables them to visualise their measurement in 3D, leveraging the latest developments in automated take-off so that they can populate their cost plan. I find the live link function important when explaining that one dimension can be used in multiple instances in a cost plan or BOQ. The training materials that CostX provide with the educational licence are an important resource for the students and many of them once they are up and running gain a proficiency over and above what was demonstrated in class.

Dermot Kehily, Lecturer
DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology)

Student Support

Educational licence holders also have exclusive access to our Student Forum where questions and information regarding CostX® can be discussed with CostX® Admin and other students.

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