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Offer your clients the free CostX® Viewer software, and then share interactive CostX® projects in a safe and easy-to-use format.

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Following the popularity of CostX®, CostX® Viewer makes it easy to freely share comprehensive costing projects with anyone. Take advantage of the all-electronic estimation platform and offer interactive projects to your clients and co-workers complete with detailed cost breakdowns and building revisions with live links to CAD drawings & BIM.

CostX Viewer - Free Viewer Estimating Software

CostX® Viewer Features

  • Distribute Files in a Read-Only Format to Clients.
    Offer your clients professional read-only packages complete with hierarchical spreadsheets and live links to embedded CAD drawings & BIM. Give your clients the cutting-edge confidence of live-linked costing projects that can be explored in real-time on-screen.
  • Get Fast Dynamic Estimates.
    Get more from intuitive electronic estimates than paper print-outs could ever allow. CostX® Viewer allows you to see past the cost summary: follow live links from within spreadsheets to drawing dimensions, and view lower-level quantity and rate breakdown spreadsheets. Instantly see on-screen the relationships between comprehensive cost breakdowns and precision CAD drawings & BIM – all packaged together into one simple portable document. 
  • Get the Benefits of CostX®. Free.
    CostX® has been developed with industry leaders to provide the most efficient package for today’s quantity surveying and estimating professionals. With CostX® Viewer, you can pass on the benefits of CostX® to clients with interactive packages complete with full drawing control (zoom, pan, rotate), and powerful spreadsheets that can be drilled down to 10 levels deep. CostX® Viewer also allows you to easily identify on-screen the impact of drawing modifications across building revisions.

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