CostX - Construction Estimating Software

The complete 3D/BIM and 2D estimating solution

CostX® enables you to quickly and accurately take off quantities from 2D drawings and generate automatic quantities from 3D models / BIM using the most advanced electronic takeoff system available. Prepare estimates, bills of quantities and tenders easily and all in a fraction of the time and cost!

Why CostX®?

CostX® is Exactal’s top-of-the-range product. More companies are using CostX® for their complete estimating solution and are demonstrating strong returns on their investment. CostX® is a powerful project costing tool that enables estimators to utilise the most advanced electronic takeoff system while embracing BIM to deliver better results to clients. It can reduce take off time by up to 80%.

CostX® Key Features

  • CostX - 2D Takeoff

    2D Takeoff
    Supports a range of 2D drawings, including scanned, PDF or CAD. Measure areas, lengths and counts with a single click!
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  • CostX - 3D / BIM

    3D / BIM
    Supports BIM by using digital design data to accurately estimate quantities and costs.
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  • CostX - Workbook

    Powerful spreadsheet based workbooks are live-linked to the drawings.
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  • CostX - Auto-Revisioning

    Unique revision mode compares drawings and highlights the changes.
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  • CostX - Subcontractor Comparison

    Subcontractor Comparison
    Subcontractor comparison workbooks can be generated with associated reports.
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  • CostX - Reports + More

    Reports + More

    Report writer produces customised professional reports.

    Codes & zones allow work to be sorted & regrouped.



CostX® Licensing Options

Exactal offers standalone, network and portable licence options for all our products. Your organisation can have a combination of these if desired, and we can change your setup at any time to suit your needs. CostX® is easy to install and the installation process can be completed by the end user.

Standalone Licence

Standalone Licence

A Standalone licence allows a single user exclusive access to the software at any time. It is installed on a single PC and can be used only on that PC.

Network Licence

Network Licence

Network licences allow the software to be installed on multiple PCs, with a central database installed on a server (this may also be a normal PC). It allows a set number of current users.

For example, an organisation can have 5 licences shared amongst 8 users, with any 5 users able to access the software at any particular point in time. Network licences also allow multiple users to work on the same project together.

Portable Licence

Portable Licence

A Portable licence allows the software to be installed on multiple PCs but only becoming active when a USB key is inserted. It allows multiple users for the one licence.

For example, a portable licence can be used in the office, at home or out on site.

Tech Specs

System requirements

Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 8.1, Windows 10. To receive a copy, contact our support team.

Product Solutions

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What’s New

Release Notes

Find out the changes and new features in our latest release.

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