CostX® File Compatibility

Fit your files into CostX®

Exactal often receives enquiries from architects and designers who work with clients using CostX®, asking which file types CostX® supports.

CostX® supports a variety of BIM files including files from Revit, ArchiCAD, Microstation, Tekla, Mudshark, SketchUp & all other major BIM design packages.

CostX® also supports a range of 2D drawings including CAD files, PDFs and scanned files such as JPGs, GIFs or TIFs.

Due to increased interest, Exactal has created a document entitled the Drawing File Optimisation document, which explains how architects & designers can create files that best fit into CostX®.

If you have clients using CostX® and you would like to download the Drawing File Optimisation Document, please just enter your details in the form.

Please Note: We will not record your details. Please also note that the document will not be available for instant download, you should instead receive it within two business days.

Download the Drawing File Optimisation Document

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