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Structural Steel

Our CostX® range of products are used by those in the Structural Steel industry worldwide. With our world-leading but easy to use electronic takeoff, plus the benefit of live-linked workbooks and customisable reports, you’ll be measuring and costing complete plans faster than ever before.

CostX® will allow you to measure areas, lengths and counts with just a few clicks. Plus add notes, colours and more! We even have BIM compatibility available to future-proof your business!

Live-linked workbooks mean that when you measure something, you can simply drag and drop straight into your workbook. Create a standard project, and reuse to create fully costed projects in no time at all!

With everything in the one program it has never been easier to ditch paper plans and save more time and money than ever before. Make the switch to CostX® now!

Make your estimating faster, smarter and more accurate with CostX®!
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