You must at least try CostX. We think you'll find it a crucial to your successful estimating as we do.

— Tony Richardson, Estimating Manager

JM Kelly

JM Kelly Project Builders has established itself as one of Queensland’s largest privately owned construction companies. Established in Rockhampton in 1940, JM Kelly have completed a large range of projects including resorts, hospitals, police stations, schools, universities, office complexes, shopping centres and commercial buildings.

Making the Change

We were looking for a viable alternative to the process of working with A0 drawings on our estimating desks.

The Outcome

There are quite a few advantages to the CostX solution. Firstly, we have advanced years ahead of where we were with A0 drawings in terms of estimating. We now easily and quickly measure quantities from electronic versions of drawings, and the A0 drawings are used on site only.

Checking cadet estimators’ quantities and calculations is easier as the information is immediately available using the live links between the drawings and the workbooks.

The most helpful feature of CostX has been the variation function, greatly enhancing our ability to price variations and changes to drawings. We have found the variation report is an invaluable asset in the variation negotiation process.

Finally, the workbook feature is leagues ahead of estimating software that we have tried to use previously. CostX’s workbook is very versatile, with multiple levels of costing that can be developed which makes estimating and reporting so much easier.